Max Plutonium vs. the Space Gnarlies

ZOUNDS! The intrepid space explorer extraordinaire Max Plutonium (and his trusty companion Dr. Zebrin Legge) are in a heated battle with the repulsive Space Gnarlies! How will our heroes get out of this one???

This is an older pic (2014) but I decided to share it anyway. These are all characters from an ongoing series I'm working on. I'll be doing more narrative pics like this one soon, as well as an animated series (eventually).

Characters and artwork ©2014 Jake Stueber

Jake stueber max plutonium splash

The completed pic.

Jake stueber max plutonium splash bw

The finished inks, done with brush pen and Mircons for the smaller deets.

Jake stueber 2017 05 10 12 34 51

The original thumbnail, done on scrap paper with non-photo blue and no.2 pencils.